When I teach I learn, and when I learn I teach



This is a great quote by Leonard Bernstein, the highly acclaimed composer, conductor and music educator, on learning and teaching. I think this quote transcends music. Think of Benjamin Graham, Warren Buffett, Charlie Munger or many other great investors. They continuously learn(ed) and often do so by teaching. Also, think of some of the great business operators and leaders of other organizations.

“It is the very strange thing that lernen, in German which means to learn, and lehren, to teach, derive from the same place and are almost the same word. In fact there are dialects in German, including Yiddish by the way, in which a lerner means a teacher. And there is a provincialism in American speech whereby you say 'I’ll larn 'ya. That’ll larn ‘ya.’ Meaning that will teach you. You see they are interchangeable words, basically deep down. So when I teach I learn, and when I learn I teach.”

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