Things That Endure



“Things That Endure” by Ted Olson is a powerful poem:

Honor and truth and manhood -

These are the things that stand,

Though the sneer and jibe of the cynic tribe

Are loud through the width of the land.

The scoffer may lord it an hour on earth,

And a lie may live for a day,

But truth and honor and manly worth

Are things that endure alway.


Courage and toil and service,

Old, yet forever new -

These are the rock that abides the shock

And holds through the storm, flint-true.

Fad and folly, the whims of an hour,

May bicker and rant and shrill:

But the living granite of truth will tower

Long after their rage is still.


Labor and love and virtue -

Time does not dim their glow;

Though the smart may say in their languid way

"Oh, we've outgrown all that you know!"

But a lie, whatever the guise it wears,

Is a lie, as it was of yore.

And a truth that is lasted a million years

Is good for a million more!