The Top 3 Ways to Start a Speech



I’m always on the lookout for practical simple advice. I think this is a great example.

Whether it’s in formal talks or friendly conversation, we should all strive to be better communicators. When I was a sophomore in college I took a Dale Carnegie public speaking course. The course was outside the curriculum of the college so I paid additional for it and took classes at a hospital who was hosting the course. Warren Buffett also took a Dale Carnegie course when he was young. This is probably the only thing I have in common with Buffett :blush:

During the course they teach you to only talk about areas where you have experience and to tell stories throughout formal presentations.

I stumbled upon the short video below which I found practical, simple and accurate.

What are the Top 3 ways to start a speech?

  1. Tell a story from your own life that connects with the audience that explains why the topic is important to them.

  2. With a factoid that shocks the audience.

  3. With a question that matters to the audience.

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Toastmasters International is also a great place to build one’s public speaking skills.