[Presentation] What Does An Intelligent Fanatic Look Like?


I will be presenting at the Indian Investing Conclave 2018 on June 9-10. This is a virtual conference so anyone can attend from anywhere.

The title of my presentation is: What Does An Intelligent Fanatic Look Like?

Ever since Sean and I wrote our first book a couple years ago I’ve been wanting to focus and write down my thoughts on how to apply intelligent fanatic principles to investing, specifically microcap investing. This presentation is my attempt from a 30,000 foot view, without getting too granular, in doing this. The goal is to help show you what an intelligent fanatic looks like so that you can find them in the markets where you invest.

The presentation is approximately 50 minutes in length where I talk about my investing strategy, intelligent fanatic principles, and how to apply them. I then conclude with a real world example of a company which I’m invested in today which is being run by a “Potential Intelligent Fanatic”. I describe his characteristics and attributes.

You can register for the event here: https://indianinvestingconclave.com


If anyone that watched the presentation has any feedback let me know.

This is a presentation I will be continue to refine as it’s a good feedback loop back into my investing.


Ian, I’d love to see this presentation, is there a recording of it that is accessible by the community? Thanks.


@nickrfish The presentation is archived on their platform for 6 months, so you have to pay to see it. I may try to see if they will make it public after that 6 month window closes.