Passion is Exaggerated


Many people say follow your passion.

What does passion even mean?

One of my favorite guitar players, Steve Vai, I think put it best:

Passion is completely overrated. It’s not something that is this burning desire for.
It’s just that a real sweet kind of enjoyment starts out as something really thick. Your passion can start out as something as simple as, “yeah, I want to do that.” Then you start getting into it, and then you find enjoyment in it and there’s a little payoff. It’s almost like if you, okay so maybe a corny analogy, close your eyes and you smell a rose or a flower. There’s this moment, very faint, where there’s no thought in your mind at all. Only the intoxication of the of the fragrance, right? You just feel it and there’s that moment of insight.

That’s like passion. It’s a momentary excitement for something that then develops momentum. But you guys sometimes you gotta start slow. Don’t beat yourself up because you’re not passionate about something. Passion comes with the right attitude and enjoyment. And what you’re developing, your technique, is easy then it’s fun but like I said then comes a time when you have to go deeper than the technique. The technique is just your tool.

Intelligent Fanatics November 2018 Digest

Great insight! Passion is a crucial determinant for a person to become successful in a particular area.