New Online Course – Standing on the Shoulders of Giants


Over the last 20 years I’ve been on the pursuit of mastering the guitar. I’ve studied greatness. I’ve experimented.

I’ve developed a method of internalizing the world’s greatest musicians, to become a master guitar player myself. I’ve now adapted my method for business and investing.

This online course provides you with the tools to stand on the shoulders of giants. To internalize their experiences, lessons, and philosophies. You’ll see through their eyes and eventually you’ll rise to the level of an intelligent fanatic.

You’ll be able to keep up with the fast tempo of business, adapt to the quickly moving harmony or moving landscape and make it look effortless.

In this online video course, Standing on the Shoulders of Giants, we provide the framework and my six step method. It has 21 Chapters with over 100 minutes of instruction.

Members receive the course for Free. Members can access the course (HERE).

Aren’t a member yet? It’s only $59.99. You get this course and tons of other content. (JOIN HERE)


Chapter 1 – Parker Introduction
Chapter 2 – Processes of the Brain
Chapter 3 – How the Brain Works Doesn’t Work
Chapter 4 – Unconscious Competence
Chapter 5 – Unconscious Competence in Action
Chapter 6 – Master Apprentice Relationship
Chapter 7 – Standing on Shoulders
Chapter 8 – Noise
Chapter 9 – Details Straight to the Source
Chapter 10 – Step 1: Emulate Copy
Chapter 11 – Dividends Memorizing
Chapter 12 – Notes
Chapter 13 – Memorizing Method
Chapter 14 – Mindless Emulation
Chapter 15 – Step 2: “All Keys”
Chapter 16 – Cluster Chunks
Chapter 17 – Mental Journey
Chapter 18 – Step 3: Trigger
Chapter 19 – Step 4: Reflection
Chapter 20 – Step 5: Composing
Chapter 21 – Step 6: Performing

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