Letter to Members – Who Builds Moats? Intelligent Fanatics Do


It’s been an exciting 60 days since we launched IntelligentFanatics.com. We want to thank all our members for rallying around our cause and supporting us.

I’d like to make special mention of my partner Sean Iddings. He is the work horse of the site and content, and he deserves much more credit than me. I’m honored to hitch my sidecar onto him.

First, I’d like to tell you the “Why” of our community, and then I’ll get into “Where We Are” and “Where We Are Going”.

The Why

As I’ve matured as an investor I’ve lost interest in only analyzing the quantitative. I want to gain an edge in the qualitative. Why?

Who Builds Moats? People do. Intelligent fanatics do.

Great financial statements don’t create great businesses. Great leaders create great businesses.

On IntelligentFanatics.com we study intelligent fanatics and specifically how they created dominant sustainable businesses. And we don’t limit ourselves only to public companies.

This has much broader ramifications than just investing.

In fact, it would be a disservice to study the masters of business and only apply what you learn to your investing. You need to apply it to your own businesses and life.

You need to become an intelligent fanatic in your own right.

Where We Are

When we launched the membership, the price was $29.99 per year. We have since raised it to $49.99. We will likely raise it again shortly.

Our goal is to continue to add value and make it painfully obvious to join, and early adopters will reap the benefits by being locked in at the current rate for life.

We are excited to have Sanjay Bakshi (@Sanjay__Bakshi) and Brent Beshore (@BrentBeshore) not only as members but also as advisors (Disc: They are unpaid and have no ownership interest). Their knowledge, wisdom, and direction will be paramount to our success.

We now have 465 members from across the globe. The geographic breakdown is as follows:

41% India

34% United States

25% Other

When you launch a community like this, you don’t really know where the adoption is going to come from. Now we know.


We are going to lean into this amazing area of the world.

I’ve always been fascinated by India because unlike here in the United States where our industry pioneers are long dead and gone, in India, they are still running their businesses. We can actually talk to them and learn from them directly instead of from a history book.

Where Are We Going?

We are going to expand our intelligent fanatics research into India.

Sean and I would be mistaken to try to do this ourselves. It’s much more efficient to tap into the young motivated talent in India to research and study the great leaders in their own country.

We are hiring an Intelligent Fanatics Research Analyst (Part-Time).

Thanks to Sanjay and others sharing it on social media, the job posting has received over 4,000 views since we posted it on January 9th.

Applicants need to write a 10-page case study on their favorite Intelligent Fanatic from India. It might take Sean and I several weeks to read through all of them, but it’s worth the time and effort to find the right person.

A funny thing happened when we posted our job posting for the analyst position in India. We received countless emails from individuals from all over the world

“When are you coming to Africa?”

“When are you coming to Brazil?”

“When are you coming to Japan?”

The response was inspiring. But we need to walk before we can run. Little steps for little feet as they say.

We will expand into other areas once we feel we have a good model that works and once we have a membership base and cash flow that can support a larger effort.

Adding Value

We are focused on adding value to members.

Over the course of 2018 we hope to publish several more case studies, and hopefully our first case studies on Intelligent Fanatics from India.

We are also working on our first Online Course. This course is a passion project of Sean, and he has been working on it for several months. Members will receive it for free.

In addition, we will continue to post interesting nuggets of wisdom and learnings to the publicly viewable section of our research community.

We also hope to bring on additional contributors to produce content in our research community.

Your Feedback and Support

Our goal is to make your membership a no brainer value-add to your business, investing and life.

When you launch a new community and website there are always tweaks and pivots that need to take place. We are still squarely in this time period and working diligently to fix any issues that exist.

Some of you have been members for 60 days and others for a few hours, but we don’t know what needs to be fixed unless you tell us.

We would love to hear your feedback on any issues you may be having and/or how we can make your experience better.

To let us know, please private message Sean or myself, on our forum, or email us feedback@intelligentfanatics.com

As always, if you are enjoying your experience and you believe in our vision, we ask that you refer others to join us.

Similar to all the intelligent fanatics we study who put every dollar of cash flow into the business, we are doing the same and then some.

We currently need to 3x our membership base just to support our current initiatives.

Once we scale a little larger we’ll not only benefit from the network effects which will allow us to launch the next phase of our plans (events, etc), but also be able to enter new territories.

The great thing about intelligent fanatics is they are everywhere and we can learn from all of them.

We look forward to learning and growing together.

A Progress Update (03/31/2018)

Our mission is to study and retell the stories of intelligent fanatics so we can learn from them. Through our books, case studies, online course, and articles we provide the tools for investors and entrepreneurs to stand on the shoulders of giants. Our goal is to provide members with an unfathomable value proposition.

February: We started to transcribe intelligent fanatic interviews and presentations for members. We have added 14 of them in the last 60 days ($600 value).

March 1st: We hired our first Intelligent Fanatics Analyst (IFA), Rohith Potti.

March 8th: We published our first Intelligent Fanatics of India Case Study on Sabu Jacob.

March 18th: We published our first online course for members: Standing on the Shoulders of Giants. Over 100 minutes of instruction on how to internalize the lessons learned from intelligent fanatics.

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