Letter to Members - 2018 Update


It’s been nearly a year since we launched IntelligentFanatics.com. We want to thank all our members for rallying around our cause and supporting us.

In 2015, Ian and I met for the first time to discuss writing our first book, Intelligent Fanatics Project (2016). Both of us wanted to learn from the best business builders in the world. Charlie Munger referred to them as intelligent fanatics. We were especially interested in lesser known intelligent fanatics. What were their secrets? Was there a blueprint to success? How could we apply those lessons to our own organizations?

Then in 2017, we wrote another book highlighting nine more intelligent fanatics, and at the same time launched IntelligentFanatics.com. We felt our mission would be shared by thousands of others.

Through our books, case studies, online courses, and active research community we hope to share invaluable intelligent fanatic lessons and principles. Our goal is to provide resources and tools so that we can become better business owners, investors, and leaders.

We would like to give you a recap of the last year and update you on where we are going.

Our Progress

We upgraded to a new website in June. For those who weren’t around during IntelligentFanatics.com 1.0, you couldn’t even copy and paste from a word document to the community without the site blowing up. It was a nightmare.

A big thank you goes out to Carl Moebis for upgrading our platform. There are still a few kinks to work out on the site that we will continue to work on.

This new site and community gives us a much better member experience and a foundation to expand into new areas.

In terms of membership, we’ve grown. We now have 811 members across the globe. Membership continues to lean heavily towards India.

As promised, we expanded our intelligent fanatics research into India.

We want to personally thank our analysts, Pooja Bhula and Rohith Potti, for allowing us to start writing on intelligent fanatics from India. They have produced some amazing work. Ian and I originally anticipated publishing one case study per quarter. By that measure we should have published only four case studies. Instead, with Pooja and Rohith’s tireless efforts we’ve published 14!

Since May, we’ve published six Indian focused case studies. That isn’t all. Public and member only Indian content in our community has risen dramatically, everything from Ajay Piramal’s Power of Detachment to The David Vs. Goliath Battle of Marico and Hindustan Lever.

We will continue to expand our efforts in India over the next year. Included is launching our first book on Intelligent Fanatics of India in 2019. We have a number of yet-to-be published case studies that will be included in this book.

Of course, the eBook/Kindle will be free to members. A physical version will be available for purchase, as well.

You might be wondering, when will we expand to other geographies outside of the US and India? We will expand into other areas once we feel we have a good model that works and once we have a membership base and cash flow that can support a larger effort.

Online Course - Standing on the Shoulders of Giants

A question we got repeatedly asked was, “How do I apply the lessons found in your books, case studies and site to my life?” We thought, great question! We needed to provide that tool for members.

As a musician I’ve had my own system of internalizing the right notes of the master musicians I’ve looked up to. I had been using the same system, with slight edits, when internalizing the right turns of intelligent fanatics in business and investing. So earlier this year I spent many months developing our online course Standing On The Shoulders of Giants. Members have loved it so far:

“Simply Amazing stuff. Blown away by some of your ideas and in-depth studies in other fields. Time for me to internalize these superb ideas and put them to practice. Thank you very much.” - Sarma

“Heavy stuff. Lot of in-depth thought & experience shared in these videos. Finished all at one go. Will have to go through these again to imbibe the gist in full. Good Work.” - Ram


One fairly recent value add to our membership has been transcripts. The best source of wisdom is direct from intelligent fanatics themselves. Ian and I like to watch video interviews and presentations from intelligent fanatics in all fields.

The problem with video is that it takes a lot of time to transcribe. Then it takes more time to internalize it.

So we’ve gotten many transcripts done of the best videos we come across and share them with members. Topics range from investing to business to music and coaching. We have 28 transcripts so far available for members here.

Meetups & Mini-Conference

In March, I met up with a few other Intelligent Fanatic members in New York City. It was a last-minute affair, but I had a blast meeting members and sharing stories while eating some Korean food.

Also, in June, we had our first Intelligent Fanatics meetup in Bangalore, India. Our analyst Rohith met with a few Intelligent Fanatic members.

We look forward to setting up these small impromptu meetups for members over the next year. And if members want to host a gathering in their town, post here.

Additionally, we are in the idea stage of hosting a half-day mini-conference in New York City. If you are in New York City and have potential space we could use, or know of one, please let us know. We would like to keep it small to 30 people or less.


As you can see, we are focused on adding value to members.

Over the next year, we’ll continue to post case studies, transcripts and other interesting nuggets of wisdom and learnings to our community.

Also, there is a book/hybrid project that we are currently working on that we are very excited about. Nothing like it has ever been done before.

We should be announcing more about this project to members in the next few months. We look to launch it sometime in 2019. Members will get it free.

Your Feedback and Support

Our goal is to make your membership a no brainer value-add to your business, investing and life.

Some of you have been members for almost a year and others for a few hours, but we don’t know what needs to be fixed unless you tell us.

We would love to hear your feedback on any issues you may be having and/or how we can make your experience better.

To let us know, please private message Ian or myself, on our forum, here, or email us at feedback@intelligentfanatics.com

When we launched the membership a year ago, the price was $29.99 per year. We have since raised the price twice for new members, first to $49.99, then $59.99 per year.

Our goal has been and continues to be to add value and make it painfully obvious to join, and early adopters will reap the benefits by being locked in at their purchased rate for life.

As always, if you are enjoying your experience and you believe in our vision, we ask that you refer others to join us.

We look forward to learning and growing together.

Not a Member? Join Us.

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Congratulations! I truly love this community and I have learned so much. It is a “living, breathing and growing” example of “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” I view the information and knowledge in here invaluable. It has changed my life for the better. Again, THANK YOU.

PS. This website has only been operational for a year? Based on the amount of content, I pegged it as far older than that.


I’m glad to hear of the community growth in 2018… This is a resource that I should use much more often than I do presently. I’ll be working to change that. I’m looking forward to the new book in 2019… I appreciate the good work found here… Many thanks.


Thanks Riley. We appreciate the support.


Excellent work @iancassel and others. I love being a part of this forum. I look forward to meeting you in India.