Jeff Bezos - How To Start A Business


This is a great compilation of snippets from several Jeff Bezos interviews from the present and past (some from 1999 and 2001). Here are a few great quotes from the video below:

“We start with the customer and work backwards.”

“Customer obsession is not just listening to customers. Customer obsession is also inventing on their behalf because it’s not their job to invent for themselves.”

“We have to grow the size of our failures as the size of our company grows. We have to make bigger and bigger failures otherwise none of our failures will be needle movers. I would see it as a very bad sign if Amazon wasn’t making larger and larger failures. If you do that all along the way that is going to protect you from ever having to make that big hail mary bet that some companies have to make right before they fail and go out of existence.”

The quote above reminded me of Geoffrey West’s findings in this article, where if companies want to continue to grow they need to innovate faster and faster and faster as they grow. West concluded that very few large companies have the discipline and nimbleness to continue to innovate at a rapid enough pace to live forever.

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