Introduce Yourself

Hi everyone,

I’m excited to join this forum.

I am currently the Portfolio Manager for an Australian investing service with The Motley Fool called Pro. Pro is a concentrated portfolio service with approximately $200 million of funds under advice. We focus on buying high growth ASX-listed businesses at a discount to intrinsic value. The strategy has been working well so far, with total returns since inception in April 2014 of approximately 225% vs. 40% for our benchmark.

I am originally from New Zealand and currently based in Sydney. I previously lived in Copenhagen, where I was a financial analyst in the headquarters of a large shipping line. I’m a big supporter of investor education and during my time in Denmark I co-founded the Copenhagen Investment Club, a fortnightly meeting of like-minded value investors. So I’m a big supporter of the community concept that drives Intelligent Fanatics.

This article probably best captures the type of companies I look for: My ideal investment is a company that is just tipping past a ‘fundamental inflection point’. It might be a new product or service that is growing rapidly, or a new market that is gaining traction, or just an old-fashioned turnaround. Whatever the cause, I like to find those spots where the company’s future is likely to be very different from its past. The markets are typically slow to adjust, allowing observant investors to profit.

In terms of education I’m a holder of the Chartered Financial Analyst designation and an Honours degree in International Business from the University of Auckland. When I’m not working or studying, I like to get outdoors and love sailing.

I look forward to learning from everyone else here, and adding to the community over time.



Evening all!

My name is Jack, I’m from London, just moved from the buy side to sell side.

Currently hunting for European Intelligent Fanatics. Has this been discussed before in a separate forum thread? If not I think I’ll start one, with a few suggestions to get the conversation flowing.

Best wishes,



Hi there, ladies and gentlemen :slight_smile:

Well… below is a quick broad intro, which can also be found here, on my blog “”:

At the end, what I like to call my mantra.

And professionally I currently run a small Global Macro HF from Niterói, RJ - Brazil, and manage the financial wealth of 3 families from Rio de Janeiro.

Here we go:

Me in a few minutes (the fun stories when we meet)

Through life I have been a good student, lead singer in a local punkrock band and arrived in countries without any idea of where to go next after passing through immigration.

Sang in a gospel choir despite no religious preference.

Never understood “social standards” well. But I admit that with more age the ratio of “Why?”s to “Why not?”s have increased. And I don’t think I am proud of the shift.

Since 2003 I work in finance, mostly managing financial investments. A profession that keeps my ego in check and teaches me that incentives are in the driver’s seat at all times.

Over the initial part of my career I had a hard time explaining to my bosses the way I saw things, so I eventually started Köli Capital. And saw that I needed to communicate better too.

I got into finance by chance*. My dad owned stocks throughout the 1980s-2000s and my mother always told me to be a saver, but I really went into the sector because someone nudged me**. I stayed because I understood its meritocracy, higher odds of financial independence ( “F**k you money” theory ) and because I had always been interested about the world***.

Another reason for continued interest in Investing is that it is a key pillar of anyone’s basic well-being and I’d like to try helping people in this regard.

Due to my experience in markets (you learn a lot when you lose your shirt), I became “fascinated with the usable psychology of self-improvement, business, philosophy, and culture. I love finding a different point of view.” (from Derek Sivers‘s page).

Rio native. Spent a year in Ohio and another in California during high school and college. Was in São Paulo to work for others, but now back in Niterói to have a go at freedom.

Anti-drama, understanding, just recently, that humans are animals of emotion and not animals of logic. And that is actually a good thing once you accept the fact (which takes an entire life).

I only get offended by the truth. About me. When negative. Because it hurts. But I love it because it is the only way to improve.

A big believer that, if you want to live in Brazil for the rest of your life, ex-ante in 2017, there are few better trades than buying-and-holding-and-re-investing-coupons of long-term inflation linkers. But keep some liquidity at hand. The ride will not be smooth. And when prices change I change my mind – and so should you.

I get a kick out of showing hard-working brazilians they could retire earlier than expected with just a little financial planning. I know of no larger legal transfer of wealth from the poor to the rich than Brazil’s.

The amount of freedom that good habits bring can change a person’s life and that is the change I want to be proud of trying to make on you.

Lots of free time + some $ > no time + $$$$$$$$.

Making more money than my clients is not part of my plan.

Trade expectation for appreciation. Every day.

Desire to become a better person today than you were yesterday.

Skin in the game + Inner scorecard.

** I failed an Algebra II test, freaked out and changed my college major from Computer Engineering to Industrial Engineering.

** I wanted to work with programming, but a college friend asked if I wanted to interview for an internship at the hedge fund she worked at. The interviewee likely hired me because I had gone through the academic exchange program he did at UCSB (more partying, less studying).

*** My mother worked for TAP Air Portugal for 37 years and that meant free planet tickets that took me to 20+ countries at an early age on tight budgets.

My mantra:

“It’s all about respecting yourself, about being bold without ever doing harm to others or giving up.” Raf Abreu

It’s about freedom.

Avoiding boring people. Avoiding them and avoiding becoming one.

Stay authentic. Have deep curiosity.

It means knowing your principles, so you can face hand-picked challenges knowing decisively what you don’t want.

It’s either “Hell, yeah!” or a simple “No, thanks”.

Become better today than you were yesterday.

Have no fear. Worst that can happen is dying, which you won’t be around to notice when you do die. Failing really is “not trying”.

It means doing your best so you can live without regrets. An inner scorecard!

Be free from pressure to become a canned-human-being. Why want what everyone wants because of social pressure or unquestioned social standards?

You can’t quit the quest for mental freedom, but respect others for we are made (biochemically!) different.

Work for the greater good and understand that through adding value to others it comes back to you. Likely with a lag.

Without action there has been no decision.

It starts with why. Why do you do what you do?


@jack check this forum out on relatively uknown intelligent fanatics around the world. Feel free to add any more you know of!

Hi I am rajesh swaminathan residing in the financial capital of India called Mumbai . I am working as an inter bank financial broker dealing in USD INR for the past 13 yrs .Working in the field of derivatives I started playing with f&o in stock market only to realise that it was a futile game .Thankfully I gave up and moved on to investing .Since past 5 years I have been investing in direct equity and mutual funds regularly .I have done quite okay. I was never a voracious reader earlier but now a days I put in some serious efforts to read at least 1 hr daily .I got hooked on intelligent fanatics on Twitter …ur stories are too good to resist .As soon as I would finish a story an option would pop up asking me to join…For wanting more …Honestly I kept post poning​:joy: thinking the subscription rate wld come off .I even searched for a coupon code :laughing: but no luck …Ultimately I joined at CMP…hopefully the journey is beautiful …


Hi everyone here’s Jean-Francois from Montreal Canada. Feel grateful to be part of this community. Really happy with the significant number of people from India one of my big dream is to run and invest in business in India at some point.

My life, business and investment philosophy is based on those following principles:
1-“Dreams + Embracing Reality + Determination = a Successful Life.”
Ray Dalio

2-“Create a big dream. Keep it simple, easily understood, and measured. Attract the right people who work well together. Measure results consistently. You can create, run, or improve anything with this formula.”
Jorge Paulo Lemann

3-“What the mind can conceive, the mind can achieve”
Prem Watsa

4-" Be fearful when others are greedy , and be greedy when others are fearfull.
Warren Buffett

5-“When it comes to investment programs, we should have 10- to 50-year plans not a 5-year plan. You should plan in ways that guarantee continued long-term success despite present losses. ”
Lee Byung-chul

6-“If we want to change the world, we change ourselves.”
Jack Ma





my name is Fredrik Nöu and I’m living in Stockholm, Sweden. I have a background in Computer Science and have been working in that field some 25 years. The last 14 years I have been working in the field of financial information, as a “bridge” between IT and the business.
Since the 90’s been investing in mutual funds and more lately stock picking. My special intererest is to understand business ideas and I am specifically interested in small companies. Usually I invest for the very long term in companies listed in the Nordics. Happy to join this forum.



Let me introduce myself. My name is Wouter (25 years old) from Holland. After reading the Intelligent Fanatics books I decided to join this community.

I am very delighted that so many people share the same passion for business and investing as me. I want to thank the editors of this community for the great content and stories you guys have posted.

I found the Intelligent Fanatics books after it was shared on Twitter by none other than Chris Mayer. The author of 100 baggers. One of my favorite books on long term investing, high ROIC and owner-operator led companies.

After starting a company ( in Holland at the age of 19 I als started to very fanatically reading about businesspeople and investors. After reading the Roger Lowenstein book ‘‘The Making of an American Capitalist’’ in 2013 I decided I wanted to be an investor.

Very early on I found out that by studying other investors and businesspeople I became a much better businessman myself. The fundamentals and lessons I learn are applied to my business. Actually managing a business gives you a lot of understanding about other businesses as well.

Recently I finished reading Bad Blood, The Smartest guys in the room and Saudi America. Which I all very much enjoyed.

Because of this community I decided to dive deeper into the Indian economy and Indian companies. An education I will continue for the foreseeable future…


We appreciate everyone for sharing their backgrounds and stories. Each one of us has a unique one. If anyone hasn’t introduced themselves, don’t be shy.


Hi everyone,

I’m Mark from New York.

I’m the COO of a small medical practice and I personally manage my own investment portfolio. I find the more I improve in one capacity (operator or investor), the better I get in the other capacity. And this is why I’m an avid reader and student of business and investing. I look forward to learning from and contributing to this community.

fyi, I’m game for local meetups in NYC.



Hi everyone,

My name is Paul Higgins.

I grew up in Dublin, Ireland but have been fortunate enough to travel. While 16 I had the opportunity to work on a ranch in Texas and have done so each year since. I have a huge interest in what doesn’t work in long term investing and building out a latticework which will serve me and those around me more and more over time.

I studied Economics in University in both Dublin and Hong Kong, qualified as a CPA and more recently completed the Columbia Value investing course remotely. In my own spare time I have researched the cross section of where psychology, leadership and value/ GARP investing meet. My professional career has been in private markets as an M&A advisor, M&A team within a global PLC acquiring consulting businesses across Europe, Middle East and Africa and more recently setting up ventures myself alongside founders in Europe.

I am looking forward to engaging in discussions with the IF members around competitive advantages, enduring behaviors of enduring management and digesting the enduring lessons from the investment community vs. the rest of the noise.

I attend BRK annual shareholder meeting annually and also look to attend as many events as possible in the space and so would be very interested in any meetup/ events the team host in Europe. Paul



My name is Blas Moros and I’m excited to be a new member of this community. I’m half Swedish and half Spanish and this cultural dichotomy influences how I see the world.

I love reading broadly and making connections across fields and, most importantly, finding ways to act on them in the real world. I’m attempting to put my learnings into action at my current job and in my life in general.

I aim to give back as much as possible, to do what is meaningful rather than what is expedient, to spend quality time with quality people, to continuously collect/combine/refine/synthesize, and, above all, to keep it simple and.

This process has been so fun for me thus far and I’m excited to contribute what little I can and to learn from all of you.



Happy New Year everyone!

My friend @SANTHOSHKUMAR_VAITHI gifted me this premium membership on new year’s eve. I have heard great things about this community from my friend and looking forward to experiencing it myself.

About me, My name is Nirmal Srinivasan in very late 20s. I’m from silicon valley working for an early stage startup as senior engineer working on AI bots. One thing that I share with many from this community is determination to stay life long learner and admiration for Charlie Munger and value investing. I’m interested in 3 topics:

  1. Doing more with less (Frugal innovation)
  2. Business dynamics (early/small cap primarily)
  3. Acquiring multi-disciplinary models (economic/financial primarily) .

I don’t have too much money at my disposal due to high cost of living in bay area followed by other personal unavoidable financial commitments. But, trying to make the best out of what I can squeeze out and invest. I’ll add value to the community where every I can. Really excited to start my new year off with this good first step.



Hi everyone,

I am Neil O’Donnell. I am very excited to be a member of this community. Sean and Ian, you have done a phenomenal job creating a community around didactic lessons in a very short time. I especially enjoyed the case study on valuing a company based on its management and fundamentals.

I came to this community after reading the excellent books Sean and Ian authored. In early 2018, I left my job in corporate law and started a search fund. As I became the leader of a small company, I started reading business books at a faster clip to hasten learning. It worked. Applying the principals of Les Schwab to the sales team at my startup had a major impact on my business.

This year, I hope to scale my company and expand operations to a new country. In addition, I hope to contribute more to communities like this one to improve my knowledge at a faster rate by sharing my ideas and destroying ideas that are incorrect (in the tradition of Charlie Munger).

Happy New Year! Neil



My self Jayesh Tank I am a IT Proffssional from India , I am From Ahmedabad Gujrat India.

I am learning Value Investing Fundamentals, Visiting regularly to MicroCapClub and like the articles and posts so I joined Intelligent Fanatics as a Member.

I keep on reading about Warren Buffet & Charlie munger I try to read & listen both of them. I am fan of both Great Investors.

Look forward to great interaction and learning from all members.


Jayesh Tank


Hello Everyone,

My name is Aditya Gorthi from Bangalore… I’m Charted Account by profession. I have been investing in Indian Stock markets for about 1 to 2 years. I’m very much interested to get to know about the Investing from all the great people across the world, in the quest I came across this great platform and just grabbed it…

Looking forward to learn great things from all of you…



Hi everyone,
I am very grateful for the opportunity to learn from all you guys and hope to contribute to the community. A handwritten card from Sean was a great surprise and a hint that you are like a family.
My two young kids and my wife are on the top, then comes investing and learning.
WAN solutioneering is my profession but investing is what I really love. On the way here I already could learn from bright minds like Shane Parrish, Naval Ravikant, Charlie Munger, Josh Wolfe, Vishal Khandelwal, Prof. Sanjay Bakshi, Patrick O‘Shaugnessy, Ian and Blas to name a few.
And by the way I am 51 years old, live in Germany and my name is Gregor Kalus.


Hi all-

My name is Ben Buchanan. I’m a Christian from a small town called Paducah, KY who moved to the “big city” - Birmingham, AL and now Charlotte, NC. I’ve worked in various capacities as an operator but believe thinking like an investor is key (the only way?) to sustainable operational success.

I’m currently the CFO of a PE-backed business called Greenfiber which is the #1 manufacturer of cellulose insulation in the US. I’ve previously worked with SPO Partners at their portfolio company, Aggregates USA.

I’m woefully under-qualified for nearly everything I do so I welcome the opportunity to learn from all of you!



Thanks Ben and everyone for sharing your stories. It’s great to hear everyones journey. We all have a lot to learn and it’s why we are here too stand on the shoulders of giants.


hi everyone,
let me thanks Ian and Sean for giving me the opportunity to join this fantastic community of investors ready to share the learnings and wisdom of their investing life.
I am nirmalkumar jain from a small industrial town of Ichalkaranji,maharashtra,india.
I am an Engineer by education from VJTI,mumbai university.I in into business of finished shirting fabric manufacturing(textiles), constructions and real estate .I go into serious investing in markets in the year 2014.Before that I was mere attracted to the markets when everyone was making money and lost interest when the tide has passed away and loosing money in turn.
But the day I attended the worksop of Dr. Vijay Malik on peaceful investing which build my base in terms of understanding general principles of stock market investing.Then it was followed by reading all available good stuff of all great investors we all know.I try to dedicate 2 hr-3hrs of daily reading on various topics which helps in improving my understanding and developing various mental models.I use various tools like screener,valuepickr,reserachbyte,ratestar, etc to do my analysis .
My investing style is analysing good companies which are available at good margin of safety, or wait till the valuations are on my side.This style has helped me a lot in investing in very good undervalued companies in year 2014 which have give very good returns to me till date.I am here to learn and share from all the community members so as to add value in general to this fantastic forum.