Intelligent Fanatics of India Launch

It has been a year and a half since we expanded our research into India. In that time, our team has generated nearly 100 member studies, discussions & public articles focused on intelligent fanatic entrepreneurs in India.

Today we are happy to announce our next step. Our book Intelligent Fanatics of India will be released October 16, 2019. You can pre-order the Kindle version here. The paperback will be available the same day.

Rohith Potti and Pooja Bhula did a phenomenal job applying our framework to a carefully chosen group of seven Indian entrepreneurs from diverse industries. The list includes private as well as public companies, first generation entrepreneurs as well as entrepreneurs from established families, well-run businesses as well as turnarounds. Many of the studies haven’t been published on our platform.

You’re probably wondering, “I’ve read one (or both) of your book(s), why read this one”?

Intelligent Fanatics of India is another phase in our journey. When Ian and I initially wrote our first book, we had an idea: the smaller the company, the more important leadership is. A leader (in business, investing or any field) who can do things other skilled mortals can’t are intelligent fanatics. We wanted to build our pattern recognition of these individuals and their organizations, and build our own leadership skills.

Like an artist we knew where to begin: retrace the steps of greats of the past and present. Still, studying, thinking and writing about a topic for more than a year doesn’t automatically equal fluency. In fact, we were high on Mt. Stupid.

Now we are a few years wiser. We have surrounded ourselves with better writers and thinkers. We started applying our concepts with Intelligent Fanatics Capital Management and elsewhere. Each subsequent book we write shares new stories, but most importantly our new understanding.

Intelligent Fanatics of India is not written by either Ian or I. You should rejoice because it’s better than what we can do. At the same time, this book is our team’s current model on intelligent fanatics.

Whether you want to find fanatics early in their development or, most importantly, want to become an intelligent fanatic in business, investing or elsewhere, this book is for you.

Member Perks

We love our members. Without them there would be no books, community, videos or website. To show our appreciation we have two perks just for members.

First, we will be making the Intelligent Fanatics of India ebook available to active members on September 16, 2019.

Second, we will give away 100 paperback copies of Intelligent Fanatics of India to current members. Members, see here for information on how to apply.

If you aren’t a member, join today and you’ll be eligible for all these perks and much more.


@seaniddings and I would like to take some credit for the book but we can’t.

@rohithpottigmail-com and @Pooja_Bhula have done a fantastic job and deserve all the credit.

We are all looking forward to others giving it a read.


Congratulations you guys!

I am excited to read it :slight_smile:


Just wanted to update here that the IF India book giveaway for members has closed.

Working on my review for the new book. Apologies in advance for any delays. It’s a nice read and beautiful package all in all.



Congrats on the Planet Microcap podcast appearance. Very impressive!

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Thanks Randy… I was not sure about it… It was due to Sean and Ian that it happened…
I was quite nervous about it but Robert is a great interviewer and put me at ease (to the extent possible :-))

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