Intelligent Fanatics June 2018 Digest



Here is a digest of public and member only content from the month of June.

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Public Content

The David versus Goliath Battle of Marico and Hindustan Lever
Selling Your Business To Warren Buffett
William Wrigley’s Aggressive Conservatism
What John Madden Learned from his Idol Vince Lombardi
Lessons From A Master Musical Innovator
One of the Most Enlightening Things I’ve Ever Read
How to Get A Premium Price For A Commodity
Life is More than Compounding Money
How Vikas Oberoi Harnessed the Power of Velocity

Member Only Content

[CASE STUDY] R. Thyagarajan – Empowering People Through Prosperity
[TRANSCRIPT] Grant Williams in Conversation with Investor Anthony Deden
[TRANSCRIPT] Warren Buffett CEO: Kevin Clayton with Robert Miles
[TRANSCRIPT] John Wooden - The Difference Between Winning and Succeeding
Sanjay Bakshi Intelligent Fanatic Notes
Intelligent Fanatics Develop High Velocity Organizations
Tom Barrack on the Characteristics of Great Investors

Member Only Discussions
Meetup in Bangalore Weekend of June 16th
What is your experience with Fear of Missing Out (FOMO)?
Can someone describe to me Guru culture in India?
If a person had to relocate to India for their job, which area would you recommend and why?
New Intelligent Fanatics sub-Reddit
Can I give an IF Membership as a gift to a friend?

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