Intelligent Fanatics July 2018 Digest



Here is a digest of public and member only content from the month of July

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Public Content

Intelligent Fanatics and Their Love of Paradox
Joy Cone Company - An Immigrant’s Story
Dwight Eisenhower - Don't Push The Chain
TT Jagannathan - Bankruptcy to a Billion
It’s Time To Develop Your Repertoire
Schweppes- The Making of a 235 Year Old Brand
Robert Townsend on Promoting From Within
The Biggest Marketing Flop of All-Time
Consistency Matters
The Amazing Story of the Car Bumper King
Founder to CEO: How to build a great company from the ground up

Member Only Content

[CASE STUDY] Al Ueltschi - Saving Lives and Sight
[CASE STUDY] Kochouseph Chittilappilly -Remarkable Human & Entrepreneur
[TRANSCRIPT] Video Interview with Al Ueltschi, founder of FlightSafety
[TRANSCRIPT] Victor Wooten - Master Bass Player - On Learning Like Children
Sam Walton's Abiding Principles
What Made Home Depot Special
Fastenal's Growth Through Customer Service
Multi-Disciplinary Learning 101 – Develop Your Repertoire
Lee Kwan Yew on Earning People's Respect

Member Only Discussion

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Charlie Munger - What is the hardest Idea you have ever destroyed?
What Soccer Goalies Teach Us About Investing