Intelligent Fanatics August 2018 Digest


Here is a digest of our public and member only content from the month of August.

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Public Content

The Richest Person in the UK - Sir James Ratcliffe
Vikram Somany - Strength in the Depth of Despair
The Ultimate Fight For Survival
John Morgan: Operating With An Ace Up His Sleeve
Ujala - The Story of an Iconic Ad
The Incredible Story of Gert Boyle and Columbia Sportswear
What Surfing Big Waves Teaches Us About Life
The Curse of the Rockefellers
The Story of MyPillow
Finding Talent Before Others
Perverse Incentives - Australia’s Second Fleet
Incentivizing Kids to Steal

Member Only Content

[CASE STUDY] John Morgan: Operating With An Ace Up His Sleeve
[CASE STUDY] On Perverse Incentives
[TRANSCRIPT] A Conversation with Jim Ratcliffe
[TRANSCRIPT] Mohnish Pabrai Talk on Marketing and Branding
The Greatest Gold Company Ever