Chet Demonstrating How IFs Listen and Learn


In these two videos Chet Cadieux interviews two successful operators of convenience stores in the UK. This is the type of learning he does to get ideas from others and was something his father Chester Cadieux did to make QuikTrip an eventual success. Intelligent fanatics all have the ability to listen to everyone and anyone. Another word for this type of learning would be bench marking best practices.

Notice how Chet listens in each video.

The first interview is with Noel Dunne. In 2012, Noel operated 3 convenience stores in Dublin called Centra. At the time, Chet’s QuikTrip operated 568 shops. While Noel’s shops were only a portion of the overall Centra shops, Chet still was asking questions and learning. He was asking how Noel was able to manage such a large variety of SKUs in such a small footprint.

And when Chet was asked how he manages so many shops, he responded, “I got a lot of smart people back at home taking care of stores. I can go off to Dublin and talk to guys like you.”

I like Noel’s quote: “We do ordinary things extraordinarily well.”

In the second interview, Chet met with Joe Barrett of Applegreen in Ireland. Here he was learning how Applegreen went about menu development.

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