A Wonderful Book - The Rebel Allocator




I recently read a pre-release copy of The Rebel Allocator by Jacob Taylor. It is a wonderful book filled with timeless lessons of business and capital allocation beautifully written as a novel. It is a page turner. It will be an instant classic. You can buy it on Amazon [HERE]

Jacob Taylor has these beautiful little nuggets and stories thrown in throughout the entire book. Here is one excerpt:

“I was hiking in the woods one day as a much younger man and went through a section of forest where there had been a fire. I couldn’t help but notice the only thing growing were pine tree saplings. That got me wondering why these green pine trees were the first thing to make a comeback after a fire. I asked a botanist friend of mine and it turns out conifer trees have evolved a very clever strategy. Do you have any idea what it might be?”

“No clue, Mr. X,” I said.

“As you probably know, pine trees release cones that fall to the ground, tumble a bit, and then just sit there. Sometimes for years and years. Big deal, right? But here’s where nature gets interesting. Eventually a fire comes along. The flames introduce a new environmental dynamic. The soil becomes richly fertilized by the fire’s ashes. Sunlight is suddenly plentiful as trees and brush are burned away. After years of sitting dormant on the forest floor, the patient pine cone springs into action. The heat from the fire opens up the seed pods and releases into the fertile environment where the fledgling pines quickly take hold. Their usual competition has been wiped out – it’s a whole new ecological ball game. The pine cones on the forest floor wait to take advantage of the eventual disruption, and it’s proven a very effective survival strategy. But it requires extreme patience.”

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Continuing the discussion from A Wonderful Book - The Rebel Allocator:

Lots of valuable insight within this little excerpt. I chalk this up as another win for “diffused thinking” and “jamming with professionals.” If Jacob never went for that hike and never asked his friend, perhaps he never would have had that insight.

  • Going for a walk in the woods could be more valuable than one thinks. No, you don’t need a dog to go for a walk by yourself. Yes, people may think you’re weird. So what?

  • Constantly talk to people about things you’re curious about. Especially with those who have a greater understanding about those things than you do (basically everyone). Say “I don’t know” a lot. Sometimes, when you talk to these people, you may not understand them and they may not understand you. Like a little kid trying to learn how to talk. Embrace it and don’t give up. Have childlike curiosity (lots) and fear (little).

Thanks for sharing, @iancassel. I’m excited to read the book.



All the knowledge that ever existed, or ever will exist, is already here. If you can tune in to the correct frequency, like a radio you can pick up any information you want.

Nature is one of the least ‘tuned into’ places, yet it holds all the answers to business, music, life, etc, etc.