A Framework for Big Problem Solving

Thanks @Arpit_Ranka for sharing this wonderful video.

Doug Lindsay is an unbelievably awesomely crazy human being. You want to know why?

Well, first he contracted a condition whose odds are rarer than that of one becoming a US President. He contracted it when he was 21.
Then he spent 11 years confined to a bed at his home. He could not do pretty much any physical activity.

What did he do?

While most of us are busy falling in love, getting a job, getting married, taking holidays, having kids at that ageā€¦he became the lead researcher on his own medical condition; mind you, he did not have any medical background. He theorized the presence of a class of illness that no doctor accepted existed.

And then, he figured out a treatment method for his condition - by adapting a 1920s, animal surgery into modern, human surgery.

And in the end, he cured himself.

The message at the end is extremely vital. His framework for dealing with big problems - by avoiding the specific human biases and by harnessing the peculiarly human qualities of hope, relentless pursuit and faith is perhaps the most applicable that I have come across.