3G Capital on Growing Talent



We highlight Jorge Paulo Lemann, founder of 3G Capital in our first book, Intelligent Fanatics Project. Members can download the eBook [HERE].

What distinguishes you from an average company is the people you can attract, retain, develop, train, promote. Behind a brand that’s doing well in the market, you have people who understand consumers, have insights, execute according to those insights, and translate it.

—Carlos Brito, CEO of AB InBev, Hire the Right People Speech

Carlos Brito, AB InBev’s current CEO, is a great example of the quality of the training systems at Brahma/Garantia. Originally an engineer who worked at Mercedes-Benz and later at a subsidiary of Shell in Brazil, Brito wanted to advance and get a higher degree in the United States. Like most corporations, the firm he was working for would not pay for Brito to get an MBA. He went to Jorge Paulo Lemann (prior to Lemann founding 3G Capital). Lemann gave him the money, and said he didn’t need to pay him back as long as he followed these three conditions:

  1. Keep me informed on your classes and progress.
  2. Help someone in the future the way I’m helping you.
  3. Before you accept a full time job offer, come see me.

Lemann would do this more than 1,000 times when he saw talent. Upon graduation Brito turned down a much-higher-paying job at McKinsey, because the opportunity for advancement with Lemann was higher. Not long after, Carlos Brito was part of the early turnaround team at Brahma. Carlos Brito was hungry to work in any and all job functions. He demonstrated a great work ethic and continued to develop himself. Brito is a great example of what the 3G management human cultivation system can produce, and in 2004 he was put in charge of InBev. AB InBev is now the largest brewer in the world.

Earlier this year, Carlos Brito gave the MBA commencement address at Stanford Business School and retells this story.

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